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An observational retrospective/horizontal study to compare patients with complicated chronic lumbar back pain due to disc herniation or protrusion treated with Intramuscular Oxygen-Ozone infiltrations and/or Global Postural Re-education.

Apuzzo Dario, Pasqualetti P.,  Zucco G. M., Ferrazza P., Lamura L., Giotti C.

Oxygen Ozone therapy is one of the most spread methods for the care of back pain. The purpose of this observational retrospective study is to compare  results of  three treatment groups of patients suffering from Chronic Back Pain (CBP) associated with disc herniation: intramuscular Oxygen-Ozone infiltrations (O2O3), Global Postural Re-education (GPR) and the combination of both treatments. Statistical Analysis revealed that O2O3 therapy combined with GPR was more effective than GPR alone.

Fonte: http://www.functionalneurology.com/index.php

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